With the processes developed by ANiMOX, high-quality, versatile products can be produced. The focus is on protein hydrolysates, fats and oils that can be obtained from animal and vegetable by-products. Depending on the raw material, they can be used in numerous food, feed or technical applications.


We offer:

  • Sample production in the same quality as during the later production process 
  • Yield calculations and balances as a calculation basis for your project planning
  • Sample quantities up to the kilogram scale for application tests with your customers
  • Protein samples as liquid concentrates or powders from spray or freeze drying
  • Creation of Certificate of Analysis and Spec Sheets for samples for accurate market analysis and pricing
  • Assessment of product quality and marketability
  • Fats, minerals, bio-based specialty products


The protein hydrolysates developed and produced by ANiMOX are a valuable mixture of peptides and amino acids, with low levels of ash and fat. They are very digestible and have numerous functional groups and in certain variants, special water retention and foam properties.


Application examples for products from residues:

  • High-quality functional protein hydrolysates as an additive in the food and feed sector
  • Proteins in engineering applications such as polymers, adhesives, coatings, films and packaging materials
  • Fats and protein hydrolysates as nutrient media for the fermentation of microorganisms


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Lecture by Thomas Grimm/ANiMOX at the Baltic Forum at the KSTU Kaliningrad, Russia
Thomas Grimm gave a lecture at the Baltic Forum in Kaliningrad at the Technical University on the successful implementation of a DBU funded competence centre for biogenic residues.

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Lecture at EFPRA Meeting 2019 in La Baule, France
Thomas Grimm, ANiMOX gives a presentation at EFPRA Meeting 2019 in La Baule, France with the title: "New opportunities and applications for animal proteins - product and process optimization on a kilo scale in the lab" (www.efpralabaule2019.com).

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