Products made from protein-containing residues - ANiMOX develops solutions for the use of all by-products in bio-based industrial processes


Raw materials

Whether animal or vegetable origin - through years of experience in analysis, assessment and treatment of biobased industrial residues, we can make the full value potential of your by-products available


Process development

We offer a wide range of processes such as thermal pressure hydrolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis or physical processes to develop the optimal process flow to recycle your by-products. The most important factor for us is the optimization of added value on an industrial scale.



You get an optimized process, scalable balances of material flows and SOPs for industrial implementation. With our samples up to the kilogram scale, including certificates of analysis, you are already holding your tomorrow's product in your hands today.


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Lecture by Thomas Grimm/ANiMOX at Wast2Value Meeting 2018 in M√ľnchen
Thomas Grimm gives a lecture at Wast2Value Meeting 2018 in M√ľnchen with the title: Erschlie√üung und Aufbereitung von Reststoffen f√ľr die industrielle Anwendung.

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Lecture by Thomas Grimm/ANiMOX at BioProScale 2018 in Berlin

Thomas Grimm will give a lecture at the BioProScale in Berlin with the title: Process and product development, scale-up and implementation of applications for the use of by-products.

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